Taylor Grace



Taylor Grace is a singer-songwriter from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She was introduced to country music around the age of 4, and instantly fell in love with artists such as; Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and especially the band, Sugarland. She owes her passion for music to them, and decided then that she wanted to pursue a career in singing. She began writing songs wh she was 6, and that was when her parents knew she had a gift. After receiving a guitar and keyboard when she was 12, she started teaching herself how to play both. It wasn't long after that she had a long catalog of her own fully written and composed songs.

Now, Taylor Grace  has released music, and is working on releasing new music, soon. Still living in the "Recording Capitol of the World", and not being too far from Nashville, she feels so lucky to have so much right at her fingertips. She is constantly working and writing, and cannot wait to share more of her stories with the world!